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About our Company

At Bytemark, we want to create a company which works in both the interests of its customers and staff. The wellbeing of our team is hugely important to us - which is why we are committed to continually developing a positive working culture for all of our employees.

Whilst we have a mix of staff in traditionally "technical" and "non-technical" roles, everyone in the company is encouraged to excel in their field, regardless of their position or workflow. To be honest, we don't really like categorising people according to whether they happen to be a programmer or not, as everyone at Bytemark is valued for the diverse skills and ambitions they bring to the company.

Whether you want to get to grips with Linux, develop confidence with customers, motivate a team or write killer copy - we will give you the support and training you need to develop your skills and career. We also like to informally share expertise within the company through cross team collaboration, meaning that you will get both breadth and depth of experience whilst working with us.

Alongside supporting you professionally, we also want to maintain an environment in which you will feel comfortable, secure and fulfilled. There are no dress codes and no expectations about how you might want to express yourself. All we ask is that you are professional in conduct and respectful towards others.

Our office is designed to have a mixture of quiet areas, breakout spaces and meeting rooms. We all try to work together in ways which are both fun and also respectful of individual work preferences.

Outside of work, we do like to meet up and socialise with colleagues over various activities. This is by no means mandatory or expected of people, however the option is always there if you want to blow off some steam.

Speaking of life outside of work, our policy on work/life balance is that you absolutely should have one. Whilst we do ask support staff to occasionally cover out of hours, we expect everyone to be able to enjoy dedicated and uninterrupted time away from work. On the rare occasions you do work over your set hours, we operate a flexible time-in-lieu system as a contingency.

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