A better way to work together

Bytemark is a privately-owned UK hosting provider with a proud tradition of building its expertise in-house. Our growing data centre and extensive UK-wide network has afforded us solid technical challenges which our staff have overcome with creativity and excellence. We feel it is important to apply that same innovative expertise to the way we build our team, and to do so from your very first step with us.

A fair, anonymous recruitment process

Have you ever thought your chances of being hired were affected by something ... other than your ability to do the job? Hiring biases are real and they are ugly. We don't even trust ourselves to avoid them.

So we decided to do two things to improve our hiring process:

  1. We don't want to see your name or CV until we've assessed your skills.
  2. We will conduct our first interviews over instant messaging, so they are as anonymous as possible, while still allowing us to communicate effectively.

Read more about our hiring process.

If you’d like to be a part of the creative team at Bytemark, please take a look at our available jobs. Then start an anonymous application — your first step toward joining our diverse team.